Industrial Symbiosis sponsored by Invest NI & International Synergies

The Camden Group

The Camden Group has been an innovator and market leader in uPVC products for over 30 years in Northern Ireland. Operating across 40 acres of manufacturing facilities in Antrim, Camden Group has the ability to produce up to 10,000 frames per week, distributed through 12 trade centres across Ireland and the UK.

Camden is committed to the environment, and has invested over £32 million in an onsite recycling facility and the most recent technology, which helped to create a highly sought after environmentally sustainable product range which is on the market today.

For those unfamiliar with the process, Industrial symbiosis is an association between two or more industrial facilities or companies in which the wastes or by products of one become the raw materials for another.

Through the process, the Camden Group has been able to divert over 160 tonnes of material from landfill and generate significant cost savings and additional sales for all the companies involved.

With its upgraded facilities, it can now take post-consumer window frames which contain missed metals and plastics. Through synergies, the plastics are reprocessed and the metal is recovered and sold, resulting in more companies being able to recycle materials. An example is the rubber chippings from the uPVC windows. These are purchased by another company who produce cow mats from the material. As a result 80 tonnes of waste rubber has found a new use.

Sean Lynch, Camdens’ Design & Marketing Manager, comments: “We are thrilled to win this prestigious award. Camden Group are dedicated to the environment and it is great to be recognised for the hard work and commitment that the company has put in.

“This is the first of what we hope are many accolades to come in 2018. It is a real credit to all our employees and the planning and vision implemented by our strategic thinkers at Camden.”

Said Elaine Kerr of International Synergies: “”We have a membership of almost 2,000 businesses across Northern Ireland, so this has been an ideal showcase of the benefits businesses can achieve through Industrial Symbiosis.”

Added Invest NI’s Niall Casey: “Northern Ireland was the first region to set up Industrial Symbiosis, so we can genuinely turn around and say Northern Ireland did it first – and that was 10 years ago.”

Invest NI and International Synergies.
Invest NI supports a number of innovative initiatives designed to help businesses become more competitive by improving their performance, reducing their energy and resource costs and helping them meet their environmental responsibilities.
International Synergies NI Ltd is an ambitious industrial ecology consultancy with the interests of business and the environment at its heart and has been delivering the Industrial Symbiosis Service since its inception in 2007.


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