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This award will recognise those companies who can demonstrate a commitment and proven business case for sustainability. Judges will look at how a sustainable approach has improved performance, employee engagement, and investments that have enabled environmental, waste and energy efficiencies. Judges will also look for innovative practices; future sustainability plans and awareness together with a high commitment in reducing its impact on the environment.

From Innovative resource management and environmental impact mitigation
to biodiversity projects, ethical or charitable initiatives and more, this award recognises those effecting real change from across the environmental and sustainabilty spectrum.

This award will be presented to the organisation that can demonstrate safety management systems leading to zero accidents. Criteria to include: safety policy relative to the size of the company. Well developed training needs analysis and training provision. Risk assessment procedures. Demonstration of capital investment on the ground for safety.

Judging will include a site visit on a predetermined date.

This award will be presented to the individual who has achieved notable energy savings within their organisation. Judging criteria to include: How you got management buy-in to secure investment in time and money for your projects? What measures have you developed and implemented to improve energy performance? How have you informed and motivated customers, colleagues and/
or the supply chain? In what ways have you promoted technology innovation in your company and to other stakeholders? Identify the energy savings achieved and the potential energy savings participated in the following years.

This award is for individual organisations or supply chain partnerships that demonstrate excellence in enabling a high quality, high value end market product from recycled materials.

The Household Recycling Centre of the Year will have successful and effective day to day operations that can be measured and seen. Entrants will need to show how the centres have been used to increase recycling streams and provide an enhanced service to its users. Other factors could include planning, design, operational and cost aspects of the site. The centres are likely to be well run with excellent interaction between centre staff and users with a high standard of health and safety a prerequisite.

This Award will be presented to the organisation which best demonstrates its commitment to the use of renewable energy sources.

This award will recognise the best example of sustainabilty acrosss construction, development, refurbishment and retrofit

Entrants should show effective management to reduce the amount of waste – in particular food, water and packaging waste generated from their food processing or food service business.It is also designed to encourage collaboration in reducing the amount of potential waste entering and leaving the supply chain. Open to anyone that generates waste from their business or has direct or indirect influence over the way that the waste they create is managed by their customers or suppliers.

Organisations can nominate individuals from their own business, suppliers or clients who they consider to have made a special contribution within the enrgy and/or, environment and/or waste industries across the island of Ireland.

People are at the heart of delivering the products, processes and services needed to deliver high performance in waste and resource management. This award recognises any team that has shown a collective commitment to go above and beyond what is expected in order to deliver top results from a waste and recyclying perspective.

This Award will be presented to the organisation who has developed an innovative product or service which has displayed key elements in the reduction of energy costs and increased environmental efficiency within the Northern Ireland marketplace.

This award recognises equipment manufacturers operating in Ireland and the UK who have created innovative solutions that make waste and recycling operations more effective and efficient.

From solar PV, small – scale wind, anaerobic digestion and CHP to ground and air source heat pumps and hydro electric generation, this award recognises technological innovation in energy generation and is open to any product or service provider delivering onsite energy generation solutions to the non domestic market across the island of Ireland.

The Award will recognize individual excellence within the resources and Wastes Management industry, through best practice and innovation across a range of commercial and public sectors.

Sustainable Ireland Awards 2017 highlight video