As Brexit bring temporary benefits, quality comes to the fore – with force!

As someone who trades within Europe extensively, I can’t help but feel melancholy with the Brexit results which in my opinion, will prove to be a pyrrhic victory for the country in the long term. As we now stare into the unknown apropos the divorce from the EU, I cannot see how this will benefit trade between EU countries who at present enjoy an easy to use, tariff free marketplace.

From Highlander’s perspective, much of our material ends up in mills in France and Germany, and we are concerned that non-conventional trade items like recovered materials et al, could end up as “sacrificial pawns” in the upcoming “hard” Brexit negotiations, incurring potential tariffs and customs restrictions, versus our current unfettered market access and the decision will affect Ireland greatly given the proximity of borders between the North and Republic and the extensive trade – especially in the waste sector – currently enjoyed between both countries .

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