Coastal change – an issue for all of us – McIlveen

Coastal erosion is an issue for the whole Northern Ireland coastline and it is important that communities and agencies work together to help manage it.

Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Minister Michelle McIlveen set out the position as she addressed a meeting of the Ards Peninsula Coastal Erosion Group in Bangor.

Speaking after the event, the Minister said: “Coastal erosion is a major issue not only for the Ards Peninsula, but also for the whole Northern Ireland coastline. I understand entirely the difficulties and frustrations faced by people when it comes to dealing with the consequences of coastal erosion.

“Coastal change cannot be stopped, nor would we want it to be, as this is how our beaches are replenished.  Beaches themselves act as a natural defence.  So this isn’t a question of beating coastal erosion – that’s simply not possible – nor would it be desirable around many parts of our coast.

“Instead, the challenge is to find the best way of managing coastal change, both erosion and flooding. It’s about understanding how we want the Northern Ireland coastline to be shaped both now and in the future.

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