Introducing GenCell – Power That Won’t Let You Down

    Power failure can be catastrophic for many businesses, which is why standby generators are an essential back-up. Until now!

    An innovative alternative to the diesel generator has just been introduced to the Irish market. Already in use in other parts of the world, the GenCell is a fuel cell back-up power solution that ensures continuous operation and won’t let you down.

    Aylesbury Scientific has recently been appointed all-Ireland distributor for the GenCell G5 long duration UPS, which has been launched by the Israel-based fuel cell developer and manufacturer.

    Aylesbury Scientific is a system integrator for mission-critical infrastructure protection to airports, border control, governments and banks. The Dublin-based integrator will use GenCell’s fuel cell back-up power solutions to ensure continuous operation of critical threat detection and security systems in the event of power failure.

    “We are very excited to be cooperating with Aylesbury Scientific,” says Rami Reshef, CEO at GenCell. “Aylesbury’s customers have many mission-critical systems that need to have uninterrupted power. If those systems are offline, lives are in jeopardy, literally.

    “Our GenCell G5 solution ensures that these critical systems are always available. It offers an immediate injection of 5kW of power that continues as long as you have fuel.”

    The GenCell G5 long duration UPS is fuelled by hydrogen, described as the clean energy of the future, and produces no emissions, noise or vibrations, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

    “GenCell’s fuel cell back-up power solutions fill a real need with our customers,” says Joe Doolan, Owner & Managing Director of Aylesbury Scientific.

    Why are fuel cells important? Well, as a completely clean power generation process, fuel cells are very attractive, especially to utility companies and power critical operations, not only from a financial perspective in minimising downtime, but also in supporting their drive to become more sustainable.

    “Fuel cell technology is a green source of energy that’s at the right place at the right time. It overcomes both the limited duration of battery systems and lengthy start-up time of diesel generators. An additional bonus is that since fuel cells are zero emissions, make no noise and no vibrations, they are unobtrusive and suitable indoor or outdoor usage.”

    The advantages of the GenCell G5 long duration UPS over  diesel are many. While diesel generators may be prone to breakdown not least because of its myriad of moving parts, the GenCell G5 solution, with just a handful of parts, guarantees 99.999% power availability.

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