New group to address hydrogen transport in Ireland

    A number of leading companies including Belfast Met and Viridian have announced the formation of Hydrogen Mobility Ireland, a group formed to plan and deliver a coordinated approach to the deployment of hydrogen transport in Ireland.

    Hydrogen Mobility Ireland (HMI) aims to oversee the implementation of a strategy to introduce the use of hydrogen for transport in Ireland. The group’s mission is to plan a path to the mass market introduction of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs).

    The group plan to present their findings to interested parties over the coming months, including a presentation to the Irish government’s Low Emission Vehicle Taskforce later in June. The group will also publish a report in the Autumn on the potential role of hydrogen technology in the decarbonisation of the national transport fleet.

    The use of hydrogen as a fuel for cars and heavy duty vehicles can enable zero emissions transport. A fuel cell consumes hydrogen fuel and air to produce electrical power for the vehicle with water vapour as the only by product.

    Using sustainable hydrogen in transport will aid Ireland in achieving its transport decarbonisation targets in a cost effective manner. The transport sector is currently the second highest contributor to greenhouse emissions in Ireland.

    Pictured from left Paul Mc Cormack, Belfast Met and Mark Welsh, Energy Services Manager, Virdian

    HMI has three working groups: hydrogen production, refuelling stations and FCEV rollout and it will work closely with the Hydrogen Ireland Association, which is reviewing the use of hydrogen for other sectors such as the built environment, integration with renewables and energy supply chains as well as the skills and training that will be needed.

    Paul Mc Cormack from Belfast Met is the Programme Manager on the Belfast Met led renewable hydrogen project, ‘GenComm’ and a key member of Hydrogen Mobility Ireland and Hydrogen Ireland. “It is a key issue that Hydrogen Mobility Ireland will address, namely that of how to decarbonise transport in Ireland. Hydrogen vehicles can help deliver zero emissions.

    “All the members of HMI are working in the one direction both industrial members such as Virdian and the GenComm project here at Belfast Met which can help measure the ability to produce hydrogen through pilot plants in Gemany, Northern Ireland and Scotland. It’s an exciting time to be involved in delivering a hydrogen supply chain.”