Not good news, if you are in the news (print) industry…

By Stephen Duffy, Managing Director of Highlander International Recycling.

Regular readers will know I lament the ever-declining newspaper industry and knock-down affects this is having on paper manufacturing and recycling industries.

I am mindful that starting on a negative slant may deter people from reading further so let’s do good stuff first! OCC prices have increased since the last column and in England, prices as high as £90-£95 ex works have been mentioned. The UK mills have increased buying and the export guys have matched them accordingly making this a good market to be in for the time being at least. Not to put a dampener on things, shipping rates will likely increase over the coming months, which may result in a coolingoff in the export market pricing if demand for UK OCC (or lack thereof) doesn’t justify an increase in the purchase price to offset shipping rate increases, however the short to medium term outlook for OCC demand and good quality mixed paper in the UK is healthy.

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