Offshore Wind Farm Being Assembled at Belfast Harbour

The world’s most powerful wind turbine blades recently ‘breezed’ into Belfast Harbour as part of a project to develop an offshore wind farm in the Irish Sea.

The blades – plus their 88m high towers – have been visible from across much of the city for some weeks now.

The first six massive 80m long blades – the equivalent length of nine double decker London buses –arrived in the offshore wind terminal from the Isle of Wight.The completed wind farm will provide enough renewable electricity for 230,000 homes.

Each blade weighs 35 tonnes and the turbines, which will be assembled in Belfast Harbour, will ‘sweep’ an area larger than the London Eye (21,124 sq m). During this phase of the project, 32 turbines will be assembled in Belfast.  The blades are manufactured in the UK by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind.

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