RiverRidge Achieves Gold at Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey

RiverRidge has achieved Gold in the highly renowned Business in the Community’s Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey, a key driver for corporate environmental management and improvement.

The survey assesses the extent to which environmental business practices have been embedded within the corporate strategies and operation of the organisation.

The Survey has grown to become Northern Ireland’s leading environmental benchmarking exercise, attracting organisations from numerous industry sectors including participants from the top 200 companies and leading public sector organisations such as health trusts, local authorities and universities.

Alan Sproule, Strategic Development Manager of RiverRidge, comments: “We are absolutely delighted to achieve Gold at this year’s Northern Ireland Benchmarking Survey, especially as excellence in environmental management is central to RiverRidge’s services and operations.”

Alan Sproule, Strategic Development Manager of RiverRidge.

Organisations taking part are ranked Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Green. The higher the overall score, the higher the organisation will rank. Participants that have well-established management systems and can show ongoing performance improvement over a number of years will do best.

Chair of Business in the Community’s Environment Leadership Team and Chief Executive of Translink, Chris Conway, said: “This Survey, which is now in its 19th year, remains an important and respected instrument for both driving and celebrating the responsible environment management activities of a wide range of private and public sector organisations in Northern Ireland.

“Taking part in the Survey demonstrates real commitment to transparency and performance on environmental issues. I would like to congratulate all of this year’s participating organisations. I hope the Survey results will inspire others and continue to drive environmental improvement in Northern Ireland.”

Alan adds: “As we continue to work towards achieving a cleaner and greener environment for all of Northern Ireland, the Gold award is a great acknowledgement of our dedication to improving environmental outcomes and to helping our customers achieve environmental excellence.”