Small Reputable Irish Company making a stir in the AD sector

Simple design, simple build and all in-house

By adopting a simplistic approach and ground-breaking technology to a relatively complex process Harp/GreenGas UK has now established itself on the AD map.

With a unique combination of engineering and farming flowing through the veins of this young Irish based company a wealth of knowledge and expertise has proven to be a good omen with a new clientele of UK and Irish based farmers.

Being able to speak and understand modernday farming needs, strengthened with forward thinking engineering expertise allows this company to thrive and compete with the more established names in the business.

The design of the Harp/GreenGas AD concept is based on 2 and 3 stage systems which gives greater flexibility and a competitive edge in maximising opportunity and dealing with aftercommissioning maintenance and service issues.

Having designed, built and fully equipped the Control Room in-house the brains of the plant is such that each client enjoys the comforting knowledge that there is someone on the end of the phone to talk through any technical issue which may arise. Remote monitoring compliments the process.

The added benefit of this service guarantees the performance and reliability of the plant and maximises financial returns to the farmer/operator.

Harp/GreenGas AD has impressed many a potential client with innovative and thoughtfully laid out designs which minimise wasted space and can confine the plant to a permitted development area.


Although farm based AD is a not new the Harp/GreenGas application and advanced technology provides an efficient solution to waste problems which arise worldwide. To us, waste is not a problem; it is a resource.

Whether food waste, sewage waste, industrial or municipal, Harp/GreenGas embraces these opportunities as part of our remit in tackling and resolving waste issues head on.

Another aspect to Harp/GreenGas UK credentials is having direct access to funding at competitive rates. Managing Director Shane Finnegan commented: “This a great box to tick for any client looking to pursue this technology.

“Flexibility is key. We design and build our own unique reception intake facility where we have the ability to carefully blend an array of feedstocks before they enter the next stage in the AD process. As one client has already enthused, “strong reliable, made-to-last Irish engineering.

“We predigest and hydrolyse feedstock to 55°C giving two advantages; it produces an extra 20-30% biogas plus generating revenue through the RHI.

“The next stage is methanation where we prefer to install two Digesters [MDs] allowing the production of biogas in one MD while the other one is being serviced.”


The heart and Control Room is situated in the middle of the plant in close proximity to all major elements and sub-assemblies. With most specialist components designed and fabricated in-house, the remainder is comprised of reliable equipment readily available off the shelf.

Harp/GreenGas uses its own Controls, PLC, display with remote monitoring leaving the customer in no doubt that they are covered with the best possible back-up service available.”At the back-end it continues to provide renewable solutions where required.

  • Digestate separation
  • Drying digestate for further use as a biomass fuel or soil enhancer/organic fertiliser
  • Leaving a high-value liquid fertiliser to replace expensive artificial chemicals.


“In one of our latest installs where the area and environment created an added challenge we were forced to provide a solution to process the liquid back to clean water to be reused in the process,” says Shane.

The last link in the application is a plug and play self-contained Cummins-engine CHP generator. Acoustically enclosed and very compact.


  • Able to accept a vast variety of different feedstocks
  • Unique reception intake pit
  • RHI on Pre Digestion
  • Flexibility in multiple tanks
  • No internal moving parts in any tanks
  • No issue with digester crusting
  • Very competitive prices
  • Funding readily available and mad to do business in Northern Ireland
  • 24hr Local competent back up service
  • A performance guarantee to operate for at least 8,000 hours/annum

For more information contact Tel. 00353419821333


  • 250kW electrical output from a blend of grass silage, rye grass, FYM and element of slurry
  • Fitted into permitted development area 465m2
  • From design to build in 5 months and starting to produce Biogas
  • Designed with intelligent remote monitoring access
  • RHI revenue from Pre-digesting and drying digestate
  • 250kW electrical output and `350kW of heat