Sustainable Ireland 2019

Welcome to the Winter issue of Sustainable Ireland magazine which turns the spotlight on the waste, energy and environmental sectors. Despite the political turmoil surrounding Brexit and the continuing lack of a power sharing Executive at Stormont, life in the real world goes on.

Good to see in a recent report from the Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland that wind is driving Ireland’s energy future with a record amount of wind installed last year. The report confirms the enormous contribution wind energy is making to cutting carbon emissions, reducing our dependence on foreign imports and achieving our EU energy targets.

More good news from Energia who have won a supply deal for all public street lighting in Northern Ireland in an agreement with the Department for Infrastructure (DfI). The agreement, which will run for one year, will see Energia powering around 300,000 sites.

Congratulations to the University College Cork which has become the only university in Ireland to make the top 10 in a list of the ‘greenest’ universities in the world, and Queens University Belfast is also playing its part in helping the environment; it has been awarded £1 million to tackle plastic waste problems. The news comes on the back of revelations that over 7.5 billion tonnes of plastic has never been recycled, which, if measured in plastic bottles, would be enough to cover the whole of Northern Ireland to a depth of 40 metres!

Finally, well done to the people of Belfast who generated the smallest amount of household waste per person last year; households in Antrim and Newtownabbey recorded the highest figure.

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