Sustainable Ireland Winter 2016/17

There’s simply no getting away from the controversy that continues to rage over the failed Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, with some new ‘facts’ or allegations arising virtually every other day, and to put it all into perspective is challenging to say the least as we went to press.

The bottom line is that the majority of those who applied to join the scheme in all good faith and for all the right reasons have nothing to be concerned about, apart from losing some of the promised financial support; those who joined with, let’s just say for the sake of argument, ‘ulterior motives’, may be facing a different kind of concern. One thing is for certain: it will all unfold in the passing of time.

To other matters now. In this issue we focus on the more positive news from across the various sectors.
On the energy front, we hear from Gaelectric on their new multi-million pound Cloonty wind farm in Co Antrim, and we have been speaking to John Hogg Operational on how they are
leading the way in sustainability. We hear, too, from USEL (Ulster Supported Employment Ltd) who have just revamped and enlarged their rather unique (to Northern Ireland) mattress recycling operation.

Meanwhile, the new man heading up CIWM, the chartered professional body for the waste and resource management sector, Dr Colin Church, has been telling us about his aims and ambitions over the coming year, and, of course, we have all our regular features including the latest Paper & Plastics Price Indexes.

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